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Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging. There’s no denying that. However, you don’t have to care for the seniors you love by yourself, and sending Mom or Dad to a nursing home isn’t your only option. Home health care is an excellent alternative and allows our aging population to remain happy, healthy, and independent. Here are five reasons to choose home health care for seniors!

1. Home health care is affordable!

We’ll start with this one because it is often the biggest concern for those caring for their elderly loved ones. The cost of home care is almost always more affordable than nursing home or assisted living care. This is because home care can be individualized to meet specific client needs. Home care professionals don’t expect clients to fit into a standard plan of care. As a result, a caregiver can visit as little or as often as your loved one needs. For those in relatively good health, a caregiver may only need to come during mealtimes or to run errands once a week. If your loved one’s needs increase, you can always increase care hours and will likely still pay less than what you would pay for nursing home care.