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Why Choose Home Healthcare?

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging. There’s no denying that. However, you don’t have to care for the seniors you love by yourself, and sending Mom or Dad to a nursing home isn’t your only option. Home health care is an excellent alternative and allows our aging population to remain happy, healthy, […]

Home Health and COVID-19

When it comes to COVID-19, most people who contact it experience mild illness and can get well soon. Symptoms could last for a few days, and those that have the virus might recover in a week thereabout. However, elderly people are at risk of becoming seriously ill because of their vulnerability to severe illnesses. If […]

Stroke Recovery and Home Health

According to the NIH, stroke is defined as a result of sudden bleeding in the brain which damages brain cells or a blockage of oxygen rich blood flow which causes damage to the brain. An elderly person that survived stroke, he faces many physical and mental difficulties. Depending on how severe the brain damage is, […]